today a customer asked me for a “medium whatever” and then got frustrated with me when i asked him what he meant

this is it 

this is the post that 100% accurately describes working with the public

Oh my god, all of my agreement ever.

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I just had a funny realization.

My last girlfriend, of almost 10 months, broke up with me over a text.

I don’t know how I didn’t notice that when it happened. I was probably too pissed off to notice. But yeah…that’s a thing. Longest relationship I’ve had, broken up with over a text. Legit.

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You’re lying if you say that this song doesn’t get your blood red hot in first 5 seconds of hearing it.

8-bit of Champions

Red hot.

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Awesome Post ! ! !


Awesome Post ! ! !

Why Hetrosexual men are afraid of rape


I know what you’re thinking, and it’s not because they’re homophobes.

No, pretty much every hetrosexual man you have ever met is absolutely, to the pit of his stomach, terrified of hetrosexual rape committed upon women.

Let’s kick things off with a bit of background: Melvin Lerner’s ‘Just World’…

There Are People and They Are People


It is too easy to forget how much people influence our lives, our moods, and our perception of the environment, so let’s remind ourselves the three types of people in terms of their outlook:

1. “Everything is horrible!” people.

These people would only notice and talk about the things they see…

5 Scientific Reasons Why Breakups Are Devastating


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Raise your hand if you’ve never heard any of the following lines, in one form or another:

  • Let’s be friends
  • I think we should see other people.
  • It’s not you. It’s me
  • I just don’t love you anymore.

If you’ve finished reading this list and your hand is raised, please bring it down to face level. Cup your hand to your cheek. Pull it back three to five inches, and, traveling at an increased velocity, slap yourself firmly on the face. Why? If you haven’t experienced rejection from a breakup, this exercise serves as a simulation of what rejection feels like. Actually, a slap in the face is much more pleasant than rejection.

Chances are, though, you didn’t raise your hand. I’m willing to bet that if you are reading this article, you are, unfortunately, familiar with the pain of rejection from a breakup.

Rejection Is Physiologically Heart-Breaking

"Rejection" comes from Latin, meaning thrown back. When we are rejected, we feel not only halted, but pushed back in the opposite direction of which we were headed. Now consider this: When rejected, how do we describe the event? We tend to say, "I was rejected." Notice what is going on here. We are using passive voice. This indicates how we feel about the part we play in rejection. We view ourselves as passive, as being the victim of an action, as inactive, as non-participative.

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The thing that people always forget about relationships is that love and infatuation aren’t the same thing. Infatuation - seeing no wrong in your partner, worshiping the ground they walk on, turning your world around them — is just part of a long-term relationship.

Eventually, you will become a…

"Psychologists have found a strong negative correlation between shame and self-esteem. People who feel ashamed, or who are subjected to shaming experiences, tend to form chronically low opinions of themselves. Those with chronically low self-esteem tend to at- tribute bad outcomes to their own failures. They also tend to focus on negative information that reinforces the idea of their social unacceptability. When researchers exposed people with low self-esteem to words like unwanted, ignored, rejected, disliked, shunned, rebuffed, neglected, excluded, avoided, isolated, condemned, and disapproved, those individuals showed slower response times on a basic thinking task. The lesson echoes Du Bois. If you are constantly told that you are a problem, you eventually feel that you are a problem; and the more you feel like a problem, the more you notice negative feedback. It is harder to concentrate because you are working to manage the psychological effects of feeling ashamed. In this way, social rejection shapes experiences of the self and the world."

Melissa Harris-Perry, Sister Citizen (via brutereason)

Always the cynic.

You know—

Once, just ONCE in my life, I would like to date a girl who is a normal, mostly mature, respectful human being. I have had about as much as I can stand.

Or hey, maybe it’s me. Maybe I just attract insanity and disrespect. Maybe I just shouldn’t date at all anymore.

Thoughts on ‘Frozen’



I decided to ignore anything pertaining to the film ‘Frozen’ a long time ago - the misrepresentation of the Saami in it, or rather the combination of misinformation and problematic myth-making in it did not appeal to me at all, I had already explained why…

Are you serious? It’s just a cartoon.

You never really had me, but you TOTALLY lost me at complaining about the shoes not having laces.

"Oh my god the shoes in this cartoon look like shoes from my culture, but they don’t have laces. What a horrendous misrepresentation!"

Just calm down…

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Olivia Campbell




Is it weird that as soon as I saw these I thought “good lord I want to draw her. Those curves!”

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Funny Stuff you like? 

I find it funny and a little bit sad that I can relate to this.

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